Oil leak management system for HV transformers

Prolonging the life span of high voltage transformers

Protecting the environment

  • Innovative Specialized Equipment for High-Voltage Systems

    Voltra Technologie was founded in 2011. We develop innovative specialized products for high-voltage stations and wind farms.

    Our equipment has a smaller environmental footprint and better safety features, reliability, effciency, performance than other systems. They increase productivity for end users.

    These innovations are design for energy producers, such as power generating facilities, hydroelectric and nuclear plants, wind farms, , and large-volume consumers such as municipalities, aluminium smelters, paper mills, automobile and aircraft manufacturers, etc...

  • A Genuine Revolution

    Voltra Technology has developed a system-wide oil spill management system, the DRH4, designed for all high-voltage equipment containing insulating oil.

  • Remote Monitoring

    The DRH4 system has a remote monitoring feature, which provides companies with turnkey monitoring/maintenance services.

  • Aging Transformer Groups

    Most of the high-voltage transformers in use today have reached the end of their functional warranties. Old transformers have a greater risk of failures, oil spills, and higher maintenance costs. Some transformers are replaced, but there seems to be a tendency, as a cost-cutting measure, to purchase undersized equipment that soon overheats and leaks. This leads to premature wear and a higher risk of equipment failure. As a result of old or inadequate new transformers, environmental disasters become unavoidable.

    Voltra has developed a solution that allows companies to monitor leakage and extend the life cycle of transformers.

  • Increased Reliability

    The reliability of high-voltage equipment is a key component of productivity. Unfortunately, maintenance is more often than not pushed back due to either production requirements or a lack of qualified personnel. These factors, combined with the high level of risk associated with obsolete equipment, leads to major risks in terms of personal safety, environmental protection, and profitability.


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