Founder Marc Nadeau, understanding the effects on the environment, the high costs of soil decontamination, and that water and insulating oil are not separated effectively when oil leaks are collected inside of concrete or geomembrane containment basins, was determined to improve upon the existing methods for the protection against and recovery of oil leaks.

They developed specialized equipment to capture and contain oil leaks from high voltage transformers and instantly separate water from oil.

Voltra offers an environmentally friendly and economical solution for a sustainable future.

Marc Nadeau

President and Head of Production of Voltra Technology. He is a visionary leader, dedicated to process efficiency and eco-responsibility. Marc was the recipient of the 2017 Innovation in Technology Business Award. He has over 26 years of experience as an electrical technician in high the voltage industry .With his experience in production and distribution of electrical energy for large scale companies, Marc’s practical field knowledge is essential to the appropriate design of products developed by Voltra technology.