Why develop an oil/water separator?

Working in their respective fields and witnessing the pervasive lack of oil leak management systems, the team at Voltra Technology decided to design an oil/water separator to counter this issue.

Founded in 2011, Voltra Technology is a company based in Saguenay, QC, focused on the development of innovative specialised equipment for the high-voltage industry i.e., power stations and wind farms. The company is owned by three shareholders ; Marc Nadeau- electrical technician in high voltage, Christian Martel- electrical engineer, and Coupesag, a company specialized in large scale metal fabrication.

In 2017, after 5 years of research & development, Voltra emerged with a unique, leading-edge technology…DRH4, the optimal oil leak management system for high voltage transformers. To date, oil leaks have been collected in concrete and or geomembrane containment basins. Voltra Technology has developed a device that instantly separates water and oil due to “leaky” high voltage transformers. The DRH4 adapts to all transformer types and oil volumes. It provides oil leak containment without the risk of soil contamination and conforms to all of the environmental, production, and safety requirements of the energy industry.