Instantaneous High Flow Rate Oil / Water Separation        

 VOLTRA TECHNOLOGY'S DRH4 exceeds industry expectations by offering a solution with numerous benefits. 

Ingenious and avant-garde, the DRH4 instantly separates oil and water resulting from transformer leaks & spills . This oil leak/spill recovery and management system is designed to adapt to all oil filled transformers (up to 765 kV) and releases hydrocarbon-free water back to the environment. 

The DRH4 Smart System features early stage oil-leak/spill detection with remote monitoring and alerts. This critical data, re: quantity and rate of insulating oil loss allows for improved maintenance of high-voltage transformers, reducing the risk of failures and other associated costs.


 Oil Containment and Recovery 

  • Primary Containment System - Oil is captured & contained for reuse
  • Instantaneous Oil / Water Separator - Releases hydrocarbon-free water to the environment
  • Early Stage Oil Leak Detection Alerts - Critical data re: quantity & rate of insulating oil loss
  • Quick & Efficient - Installation in 4-5 days, no shut down required
  • Cost-Effective and Non-Obtrusive - Compact footprint with huge advantages

Protecting the Environment

  • Reduce your environmental footprint
  • Detection and notification when the oil leak/spill occurs
  • Captures and contains the oil for reuse
  • Releases hydrocarbon-free water 
  • No oil in the soil / protect our watertables & aquifers

Minimize Costs / Maximize Investment

  • Rapid installation without shutdown or service interruption
  • Minimize recurring maintenance costs
  • Prolong the lifespan and productivity of the asset
  • Reduce the risk of failures and associated expenses

Continuous Innovative Improvements

  • Custom designs for multiple applications and requirements
  • Versatile & adaptable to all types of transformers
  • Remote monitoring / alerts & data logging 24/7  
  • Secondary containment available
  • High flow rate separators ranging from 20, 40, 140L per min 


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