Innovative Specialized Equipment for High-Voltage Systems
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  • Innovative Specialized Equipment for High-Voltage Systems

    Voltra Technologie was founded in 2011. We develop innovative specialized products for high-voltage stations and wind farms.

    Our equipment has a smaller environmental footprint and better safety features, reliability, effciency, performance than other systems. They increase productivity for end users.

    These innovations are destined to energy producers, such as Hydro-Québec, Brookfield Renewable, EDF, Cartier Énergie, and Hydro-One, and large-volume consumers like the City of Montreal, Bombardier and aluminium smelters.

  • A Genuine Revolution

    One of the products developed by Voltra Technologie is a system-wide oil spill management system – DRH4. It can be installed on all high-voltage equipment containing insulating oil.

  • Remote Monitoring

    The DRH4 system has a remote monitoring feature, which provides companies with turnkey monitoring/maintenance services.

  • Aging Transformer Groups

    Most of the high-voltage transformers in use today have reached the end of their functional warranties. Old transformers have a greater risk of failures, oil spills, and higher maintenance costs. Some transformers are replaced, but there seems to be a tendency, as a cost-cutting measure, to purchase undersized equipment that soon overheats and leaks. This leads to premature wear and a higher risk of equipment failure. As a result of old or inadequate new transformers, environmental disasters become unavoidable.

    Voltra has developed a solution that allows companies to monitor leakage and extend the life cycle of transformers.

  • Increased Reliability

    The reliability of high-voltage equipment is a key component of productivity. Unfortunately, maintenance is more often than not pushed back due to either production requirements or a lack of qualified personnel. These factors, combined with the high level of risk associated with obsolete equipment, leads to major risks in terms of personal safety, environmental protection, and profitability.